Thursday, May 22, 2014

Borneo part II

Day#1 Dinner and interview with RRI Malinau 95,5 FM.

Left to Right: Dewandra Djelantik, Yoshi, Kristupa Saragih, Me, Daniel Suharya, Letkol Inf Agus Bhakti.


Day#2 Kaltara Photography Camp, Semolon, Malinau, Kalimantan Utara, Indonesia.

The musicians.

Danbo and my wardrobe (traditional dress from Kalimantan)

Yoshi and me.

Tattoo :)



Traditional dance.

Me and one of the dancer. Like father and daughter? lol

The contestants, dancers, Kodim 0910, and special guest Mr. Yansen TP (Bupati Kabupaten Malinau, Kaltara).

Borneo part I

My first trip to Borneo (Kalimantan). So excited! First of all I wanna thank Kodim 0910/Malinau to make this trip comes true. And Happy 9th birthday to Kodim 0910/Malinau :)

Arrived at Sepinggan Airport, Balikpapan.

Juwata Airport, Tarakan.
Finally arrived at RA Bessing Malinau Airport. Seriously the sky is very bright and beautiful.

On Board Tarakan-Malinau.

Photographed by Bun Djung (FujiFilm XT1).

Photographed by Kristupa Saragih (FujiFilm XT1).

Photographed by Kristupa Saragih (FujiFilm XT1).

Photographed by Kristupa Saragih (FujiFilm XT1).

Monday, May 12, 2014


It's been a long time since I wrote my last post. Busy with medical school lately, but now I have a lot of free time to post some things. Here's my photoshoot for my best friend Ms. Julia Lie, the designer. Makeup and hairdo by Paula Yosephine and photographed by The Cause Photo Club (Yohannes Jayapranta, Davy Santoso, Henry, Johan Kinoshita Sugiono). Hope you like my new look.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


 I can tell you're looking at me 
I know what you see 
Any closer and you'll feel the heat 
You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me 
Every look will make it hard to breathe  
B-Bring the boys out 
 Soon as I step on the scene 
I know that they'll be watching me.... watching me....
I'mma be the hottest in this spot 
There ain't no stopping me.... stopping me....
 I know life is a mystery 
I'm gonna make history 
I'm taking it from the start 
Call all emergency 
I'm watching the phone ring 
I'm feeling this in my heart.... my heart....
 B-Bring the boys out 
Girls' Generation make you feel the heat 
 And we're doing it, we can't be beat 
B-Bring the boys out 
We're born to win 
Better tell all your friends 
'Cause we get it in 
You know the girls 
B-Bring the boys out 
Wanna know my secrets 
But no I'll never tell 
'Cause I got the magic touch 
And I'm not tryin' to fail 
That's right 
 Can't deny, I know I can fly 
 I know life is a mystery 
I'm gonna make history
I'm taking it from the start 
Call all emergency
I'm watching the phone ring
I'm feeling this in my heart, my heart 
 B-bring the boys out 

Makeup by Livia
Photographed by Kristian Karsono
Behind the scene